NaNoWriMo Day 14: Writer’s Block–Paying The Price for Being a Pantster

I’m utterly stumped. Lost. This is what I get for being a pantster with only 6 major plots points haphazardly outlined before starting NaNo! My characters led me down a primrose path, and all was perfect. And then I realized that they had led me astray. Or perhaps I started down the wrong path to begin with, and they led to me into a tale with more twists and surprises than I had originally intended–which is a good thing.

Except that I have already written three scenes based on one element that has now changed drastically. It’s important because it is a key element of the story. So, now I change my tools. I am going longhand for a bit so that I can sort this mess out. I’ll keep what I already wrote, and just set it aside (in italics) for the rewrite in January.

Words written so far today: 1126 out of the 4166 that I needed to write.

I’m taking my toys and going away. Hopefully, I will catch up to Lucy and her cohorts in time to update my word count on the NaNo website.

Happy Writing!


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