Celebrating 25,000 Words of NaNo Noveling

On Saturday, I felt defeated. I was stuck. But I  was also determined to get caught up this weekend. I changed tools, and started writing in my notebook with a purple pen. Though I only added some of what I wrote to my novel, I was back on track.

Then the inevitable happened. The cold that I thought was nearly over hit me hard and I slept until 3 o’clock on Sunday. I lazed about, and tried to get my mind working. After one dose DayQuil and a couple episodes of Boardwalk Empire, I was able to think clearly and get to work on the novel. I started writing at about 6pm and didn’t give up until I had reached that glorious 25,000 word count at around 4am Monday morning. I still can’t believe that I wrote over 5,000 words in a day.

  • A little side note here: I use US Central time since I have pretty much been keeping the same hours as my friends back home. Sometimes it really sucks to live in a time zone that is 8 hours ahead of your friends. 

Stats A Nov 15 to 16

Lucy stats 25K

I pushed hard, and refused to quit even though there were times throughout the writing session I felt like it was hopeless and that I had done enough for one day. But every time I began to feel like I couldn’t continue, I updated my word count. With  every update, I was closer to my goal, so I kept writing. Those 5,169 words may not be the most beautiful prose I have ever written, but they moved the story forward and helped me obtain my goal.

Over the next five days, my goal is to write between 2800-3300 words per day so that I can take a couple of days off to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family and friends.

Now it is time for a little R&R, a nap, and then  I will be back to work this evening.

If you’ve made it to the half way point, Congratulations! If not, keep at it–you can do it!! Just don’t give up on yourself!

NaNoWriMo 2015 25K words

Happy Writing!


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