NaNo May Be Over, But I’m Not Done!

NaNoWriMo was amazing! I’ve taken the past couple days to sit back and relax after my final push to  the end, but the novel draft is not complete. I’m using Final Deadline to help me reach the end goal: a complete first draft. I know that if I stop now, Sincerely Yours, Lucy will never be completed.

December is the month. This month I will finish the first draft. And here’s how:



Because it is the holiday season, and I neglected both my husband and my children (hey, they are 15 and 17–they can look after themselves..mostly), I decided to keep my weekends free so that I can spend some time with them–not that the teens care all that much.

This may look like a grueling scheduling, but if NaNo has taught me anything–it is that I CAN write at least 6,000 words in a day if I must! Writing less than 2500 in a day–easy peasy!

I plan to keep you updated on progress made toward the completion of the draft this month. I will also be giving a review of Scrivener and Final Deadline.

For those of you still finishing your NaNo draft–Happy writing!And for those who are working on other great projects–Cheers to you and Happy Writing!


3 thoughts on “NaNo May Be Over, But I’m Not Done!

  1. This is exactly how I feel, too! Lots of things got neglected last month, but if it’s taught me anything, I can do it! It’s great to see you continue your writing, I’m going to have to look into this Final Deadline program… can’t wait to see your review of it and Scrivener!

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  2. Those word count goals don’t seem so scary at all! I hope FInal Deadline helps you like it did me. It’s changed a lot since I used it, seems more adjustable. Good luck on reaching the end of the novel!

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